10 Cute And Crafty Weed Things

crafty 10 Cute And Crafty Weed Things

It’s a well-known fact that weed can spark creativity. But you don’t necessarily have to smoke it prove that it’s inspired you. Some people just let their hands do all the talking. From pot accessories to random trinkets, it is the crafter that is taking the herb and turning it into a work of art. Not the boring kind of art, but the kind that is fun, unique, and badass all at the same time. Whether you’re looking for an adorable, handmade grinder or just want to see some cool 420-friendly stuff, here are 10 super cute and crafty weed things.

1. Pot leaf folded book art

10 Super Cute 1 10 Cute And Crafty Weed Things
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Not only would this make for the perfect book shelf accessory, but it’s also a great gift to give away no matter the occasion. It’s also pretty impressive that this masterpiece is hand folded by the shop owner herself. And if the leaf doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can always request a custom design.

2. Weedbox to hide your stash

10 Super Cute 2 10 Cute And Crafty Weed Things
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Are you still throwing your bud in your nightstand? If so, then it’s time to give it a much better home, along with your other weed things. This stash box can hide it all at a low cost. Plus, there’s a bong hitting babe on it, which is pretty dope.

3. Small inhaler pipe with gold

10 Super Cute 3 10 Cute And Crafty Weed Things
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So, you have your glass, but do you have your porcelain? In addition to being discreet, this nifty little inhaler is adorned with 22k gold luster. A great item to add to your piece collection indeed!

4. Mini black cute girly cupcake herb grinder

10 Super Cute 4 10 Cute And Crafty Weed Things
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Have you ever seen a weed grinder that looks more delicious than this one? Probably not. And it also happens to come with a kief catcher, as well as a handy scooper to help you collect it all.

5. Colors 60/40

10 Super Cute 5 10 Cute And Crafty Weed Things
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Some roll their joints with paper, but artist Melanie Bernier uses wool, vinyl fabric, and wood. While this is nothing more than a sculpture, it’s so realistic that you might not realize it at first glance. And there’s plenty more where this work of art came from, which you can check out here.

6. Weed and lighter ring on wooden tray

10 Super Cute 6 10 Cute And Crafty Weed Things
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First of all, how precious! Just look at that tiny lighter and open joint. If you have to have one, then you need not worry about size as the ring is adjustable.

7. Real cannabis stem pendant necklace

10 Super Cute 7 10 Cute And Crafty Weed Things
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This lovely piece of jewelry is proof that stems are worth saving. In fact, this particular one comes from a real garden in Washington State. But since it’s plated in copper, it’s 100% legal to wear all over the world.

8. Do not smoke the art

10 Super Cute 8 10 Cute And Crafty Weed Things
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Don’t let the appealingness of the pot fool you. Sure, these buds may appear to be smokeable, but in reality, they are a combination of paper, glue, and resin. Real cannabis plants were observed by the artist Andrei Koschmieder, however, whose work is so realistic that he has to warn people not to smoke the sculptures.

9. Lil tree dude smoking pipe

10 Super Cute 9 10 Cute And Crafty Weed Things
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If you’ve seen Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, then you probably fell in love with baby Grout. Now, you can smoke out of his cute little self. And he will certainly be the most adorable pipe you’ve ever hit.

10. Chocolate sprinkled icing chocolate bar re-fillable lighter

10 Super Cute 10 10 Cute And Crafty Weed Things
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Not necessarily weed inspired, but still. You need to spark your ganja somehow. Just don’t mistake these lighters for actual chocolate when you’re stoned.

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