(ABV) Already Been Vaped Olive Oil


ABV Olive Oil Ingredients

1 (8 ounce) jar filled with accumulated ABV

8-10 ounces of Organic First Cold-Pressed or Stone Crushed olive oil

ABV Olive Oil Directions

In a 16 ounce mason jar, combine ingredients, seal lid, then wrap mason jar in a cloth to keep out light. Store in a cool dry place (sunlight, extreme heat or cold and prolonged exposure to air makes olive oil rancid) for 1 week or longer – swirling jar daily to incorporate ingredients.

Swirl jar lightly before using and spoon off oil for use in the last minute of cooking. It’s best for low to medium heat cooking to finish sautes and steamed dishes. As you near the bottom of the jar, filter out any particulate with a fine mesh sieve. ABV Olive Oil works great on savory foods like eggs, root vegetables, wild game and poultry.

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