Everything You Need To Know About Bong Hygiene

Everything You Need hero Everything You Need To Know About Bong Hygiene

Any seasoned smoker will tell you, dirty glass pieces are not great for properly enjoying cannabis. Bongs are especially important to keep clean. If not cared for correctly, mold and mildew can grow in microscopic cracks and crevices, hidden from the naked eye. Not only can a lack of cleanliness lead to some disgusting consequences, others won’t want to smoke out of musty, dirty, stinky bong. To ensure you’re never given the side-eye because of a dingy piece, follow these rules for proper bong hygiene.

1. Empty the water and start fresh

Everything You Need 1 Everything You Need To Know About Bong Hygiene
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The easiest way to keep a bong clean is by emptying the water after ever use. It might sound a little tedious, but it will prevent resin from building up and collecting along the sides. Once the resin begins to collect, it makes the water stinky and brown.

By emptying and allowing proper drying time after a session, mold and harmful bacteria are less likely to form and grow. Also, we all know that one person who ends up coughing so hard they spit into the bong. No one wants to smoke a bong with spit-filled water. Your fellow smokers will thank you for the fresh water.

2. Clear clogs

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Few things are more beautiful than a sparkling-clean downstem. Just like inside the bong, resin collects in the downstem, creating clogs that reduce suction and lead to harsh hits.

Use a bobby pin, or another poker, and ensure air moves easily through the piece before packing the bowl. This simple step can be the difference between a successful smoke session and coughing-fit of epic proportions.

3. Remove resin

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Bongs are infamous for collecting massive amounts of resin in the bowl piece. The thick, tar-like substance quickly cakes itself around the bowl, taking up space where cannabis should go.

When hard, the resin can be like cement, but after a few tokes from the bong it should soften up. Simply use a scraping tool to remove excess resin from the bowl piece. Hits will be much smoother and the cannabis much more flavorful after removal.

4. Wipe down the sides

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It’s not just the inside of the bong that gets dirty. The outside can become sticky and covered in germs from being passed around to multiple people.

It’s so simple to take a damp paper towel or cloth and wipe down the exterior, removing any left behind tackiness. Even if the bong isn’t completely clean everywhere, it will feel clean in your hands, leaving the impression of proper bong hygiene.

5. Cleaning overhaul

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For optimum bong hygiene, once or twice a month it’s important to clean a bong from top to bottom. Not only does it fight off that nasty mold and bacteria growth, it prolongs the life of the bong. Glass can become weaker over time, meaning it’s more likely to break when distressed.

Some pre-made cleaners can add to the deterioration. Rather than buy some expensive chemical solution, simply use a mixture of rubbing alcohol and kosher salt. The large salt granules get into the tiniest of cracks and scrub them clean. The rubbing alcohol easily dissolves the stuck-on resin. Once the bong is sparkling like new and rinsed with water, allow it to dry completely. When you’re finished, it’ll be like smoking out of a brand new bong.

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