Macklemore Parties With Grandma And Strippers In New Video

See Macklemore Celebrate 2 Macklemore Parties With Grandma And Strippers In New Video

For his latest single, Macklemore helped celebrate his grandmother’s 100th birthday, by taking her out for a day of partying – all in Macklemore style.

Macklemore and Granny know how to party

While it might seem that a recording artist like Macklemore is on another planet, in actual fact it seems that he still has feet on the ground. That much is clear in the video for his latest single, “Glorious,“ which also happens to star his grandmother.

In the new music video, Macklemore celebrates his grandmother’s birthday, by taking her out to do, well, whatever she wants. Yes, that really is Macklemore’s grandmother, Helen Schott, and, yes, she recently celebrated her 100th birthday. The centennial wanted to have a party like no other, which included a male stripper and singing karaoke, a wish her grandson was able to fulfil.

The video for “Glorious” opens with Macklemore surprising his grandmother and driving her around town in a Cadillac El Dorado – convertible, of course – but that’s just where the fun begins. From there, the two have fun in a wide range of activities, such as singing karaoke and playing video games in an arcade, as well as egging a neighbor’s house. The two also find their way to a thrift shop, where they find new outfits, which look incredible.

Along with the egging and video games, it seems nobody is ever too old to have fun, especially when you’re the grandmother of a superstar. So, that’s why it also included a surprise birthday party, complete with a huge cake and a stripper inside.

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