What happens when you inject weed

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Look, we all love weed. But there are some ways to get the ganja in your bloodstream that are better than others. A handful of dummies have tried injecting weed. This does not end well. 

People who inject weed aren’t exactly chemists. So instead of breaking down some form of safe, pure THC, most of these morons just boiled weed, strained the water, and shot it into their veins.

Injecting weed is very rare

Smoking, vaping, or eating weed are all better ways to get high or medicated. That’s probably why, in all of medical literature, there are only 25 confirmed cases, no matter what some fake news sources say. Some people have raised concerns about people injecting weed, but doctors and cannabis experts both think that fear is totally bogus.

People who try this method of using weed are a special kind of stupid. Not only is injecting anything by yourself relatively dangerous, just boiling weed and straining it is even worse.

While it’s rare, doctors already have a name for what happens to people when they inject weed

Doctors call it intravenous marijuana syndrome. In the 25 examples since 1968, there are a handful of common symptoms.

At first, not much happens. The patient starts to feel some muscle soreness. Then comes nausea. Finally, comes copious vomiting and diarrhea. In one case, a 26-year-old who injected weed felt sick for three and half hours before he went to the emergency room.

When he got there, doctors realized that his heart rate was high, even though his blood pressure was low. His body had more than twice the normal level of white blood cells. He had a dangerously high fever trying to burn out whatever was in his system, and he had some trouble breathing at a normal rate.

InjectWeed What happens when you inject weed
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This individual was treated with antibiotics and intravenous fluids. Even with the best care he could get, these symptoms persisted for days. After five days, they let him out of the hospital, but he wasn’t totally back to normal until an entire week had gone by. And this guy was lucky. The average idiot who tries to inject weed is in the hospital for more than nine days.

While intravenous marijuana syndrome is a known affliction, there’s not a ton of consistency between patients

Fever, breathing issues, high heart rate, soreness, vomiting, and diarrhea are all pretty universal symptoms of IMS, but each case has some unique aspects. For example, one patient had an enlarged liver that returned back to normal when the rest of his symptoms went away. A bit less than half of the people experienced muscle weakness, not just soreness.

The reason there’s a decently wide breadth of symptoms is none of the geniuses who tried to inject weed used exactly the same method to get their ‘extract.’ Even what material they used to strain it could cause additional problems.

Even though it’s unthinkably stupid, injecting weed hasn’t killed anybody…yet.

All of the morons who’ve tried injecting weed have lived. That probably has a lot more to do with weed being absurdly safe than anything else. So far, all we know is that injecting weed will send you to the hospital for a few days, and you’re going to have a bad week. In case you’re still curious about injecting weed, 20 of the 25 people who’ve tried it didn’t even get high.

That said, if weed is ever going to kill anybody, it’ll probably be some dummy who tries injecting it.

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