Why You Should Put A Coin In Your Grinder

Why You Should 1 Why You Should Put A Coin In Your Grinder

The best part of grinding your bud is collecting the kief afterward. But when it comes time to empty out your kief, the process can be challenging. However, there is a little trick that can help you gather as much kief as possible, and it’s simple. All you need is a coin, a refrigerator, and a working hand to be able to maximize your kief collection. In case you’re wondering how on earth a coin can help, continue reading on to find out how it all works.

Why you should put a coin in your grinder

Why You Should hero Why You Should Put A Coin In Your Grinder
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First, you should know what kief is, if you don’t already. Kief is the resinous trichomes found on cannabis leaves. Not only is it loading with THC, but it can also optimize your high.

For this reason, weed-smokers enjoy collecting it, which is done by using a grinder. However, doing so isn’t always simple. Not to mention, the result can be disappointing and rather small as most of it often gets stuck in the teeth of the grinder.

But by dropping a coin into your grinder and shaking it, the coin will slide across the screen and push more kief crystals through it. The larger the coin, the better.

There are several other ways to push stubborn kief through the screen. But using a coin is one of the more successful methods. And it’s much safer than using a razor blade.

How it works

Why You Should 2 Why You Should Put A Coin In Your Grinder
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The first step is to find a coin, preferably a larger one, such as a dollar coin or quarter. If you have a smaller grinder, then a dime or nickel will do just fine.

You’re going to need to drop the coin into the middle chamber, where your ground bud goes. After doing so, reassemble your grinder and place it in the refrigerator long enough for it to get rather cold.

Wait roughly 20 minutes to 30 minutes before removing the grinder from the fridge. Once you remove it, give it a little shake.

The cold will help loosen your buds. And by shaking the grinder, the coin will work as a hammer and knock the kief off the screen.

After all is said and done, pop open your grinder and see how much kief you collect. Chances are it’ll be plenty to add to your bowl and/or joint.

By choosing a strain known for producing lots of kief, you can further expand your collection. To learn about strains that give you lots of kief, check out this article.

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